We Are Coming – Poem

what They would have been taught.

let this poem be a moment to pause, to hear.

our character,

our purpose,

our values,

our spirit.

let it honour the 6,509 Native children and hundreds more that would have been taught

that the power of a matriarch…

what They would have learned. Poem

This poem is to honour the children taken and lost to the Kamloops residential schools, and the many others across so called Canada.

what They would have been taught.
deep breath in.
hear the silence.
as we honour 215 Native children, and thousands more.

Trust blooms love, and when we pause to notice,

that’s when we feel joy.

When we allow ourselves to spend the extra moment,

to pause a minute more and believe.

To sense the warmth is joy.

Like watching the birch tree dancing with it’s friend the wind, bending,

and yet…

Flow | Poem

The words start to form, I see them in my head,

the poems waiting to be unleashed, on paper and said.

The creative energy arrives and whimsy…

Nourishment | Poem

That moment of peace, when you feel connected to your soul,

with kindness and grace radiating like a natural role.

I’ve been there before and intrinsically know…

Water Keepers | Poem

Take a deep breathe and let the energy flow,

your spirit knows the way, simply let it show.

Allow the strength of your ancestors to pave…

Hum | Poem

Outside grounded by the feelings of spring,

ready to take on what next life will bring.

Bathing in the warmth of the sun,

refreshed and inspired by…

Shoes | Poem

Sometimes the path to walk will have pain,

yet you can overcome it if you simply reframe.

Ask not for easier travels your way to come,


Navigate | Poem

We all show up to each day for the first time,

a new adventure, laugh, or mountain to climb.

What we have already learned will help us…

Dana Marlatt | Olive That Whimsy


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